We believe that connecting to people in the context of a life-giving community is vital to the spiritual growth and life of an individual. As lifegroup_logo.pngwe connect with one another we learn and grow together – we help each other along the journey of life and we have opportunities to experience love, joy, forgiveness, pain and loss together.

Life Groups are comprised of small groups of people that meet throughout the week in homes throughout the community. In a Life Group, people study God’s word, pray together and encourage one another through the issues and challenges of life. It’s also where you’re missed if you don’t show up. We weren’t created to live life alone!

2017 Winter semester groups

  • Sunday 4pm

    Bryan & Steph Helmbrecht

    Sunday at 4pm Central Sioux Falls

  • Sunday 6:30pm

    Troy & Renee James

    Sunday at 6pm Beresford

  • Tuesday 7:00pm

    Bryan & Ashley Paulson

    Tuesday at 7pm West Sioux Falls

  • wednesday 6:00pm

    Zach Bauer (Guys Group)

    Wednesday at 6:00pm at Red Door

  • Wednesday 7:00pm

    Jeff Walklin

    Wednesday at 7pm West Sioux Falls

  • Thursday 6:00pm

    Jake & Hannah Peterson

    Wednesday at 6:00pm Central

  • Thursday 6:30pm

    Dustin & Erin Douglas

    Thursday at 6:30pm Tea Area