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Overwhelmed series

Have you ever been stressed? Worried? Anxious? Confused? Maybe all of the above? Are you worried about your next paycheck, yo…

LIFEgroup leader Highlight 2

We believe that connecting to people in the context of a life-giving community is vital to the spiritual growth and life of a…

5 things God uses to grow our faith

We believe there are five primary things God uses to grow our faith. These five things are not listed anywhere in the Bible. …

A church for messy people

Red Door church welcomes messy people because Red Door is already filled with messy people. We are a group of people who brought all of our mess to Jesus and he exchanged our sin for his righteousness.

So if you're messy like us, you're welcome to belong, grow and serve with a group of messy people who have been changed by Jesus and are daily being changed by Jesus.